Monday, 26 November 2007

Out with the Kannemeyer's ...

Here's one of the photos I took of Lewis Kannemeyer during a family portrait shoot down  in Hindhead, Surrey, yesterday morning.

As the weather was being kind to us we decided to go out for a walk in a local woodland area which is probably the last time this year  that we'll be able to make good use of all the autumn colours. 

Going out to somewhere local, I find is always a good thing to do when possible, as it goes a long way in making those being photographed, relaxed because they're in familiar surroundings.

When shooting this image I manually set the camera to underexpose the background and then used off camera flash which I held in my free hand, to throw some light onto Lewis. The result is that your eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest area containing the main subject of the photograph.

Playing with 'off camera' flash...

Every day I have a number of websites that I routinely read - not surprisingly all of which are Photoshop & Photography related. One such site is - a fantastic site, based in the US that posts regular photographs from photo shoots showing creative uses of flash - mainly at Weddings.

At last weekends shoot, I thought I'd have a 'play' with a couple of my hand held flashes and the image attached is one of the results. The things I like about this photo are the low angle and the cast shadows that the flash (held by Anne hiding behind the bride) have created leading toward the camera. 
Hmmm...think I'll be 'playing' alot more from now on :o)

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Always on the 'look-out' ...

I'm always on the lookout to photograph items that usually wouldn't get a look-in, and last weeks wedding was no exception. This collection of umbrella's were hanging up in the hallway to where Amanda & Tim were having their wedding breakfast and they just caught my eye not just because of the composition but the light that was hitting them from the right through a large window.

A little post production work in photoshop turns what could be considered a 'drab' photograph into one that now has atmosphere.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

How cool is that!!!

Last week I mentioed about going to Thorpe Church of England School to take photos of the children for their 2008 Calendar. Well today I met up with my good friend Mike Jones, and popped back to take a few more shots and ended up being given a 'Thankyou' card from the children. 

I was speechless (which is quite something) to think that they'd taken time to make a card for me which consisted of hand drawn portraits in crayon, stuck onto a large card with the words "Dear Glyn, Thank you for coming into school to take our photographs. From all the children at Thorpe Infant School" ... How cool is that :o)

(Thanks Mike for taking the photo)

Tim & Amanda's Wedding

Here's a couple of shots from Tim & Amanda Chase's Wedding which was held last Saturday, the 17th November at Layer Marney Tower, Colchester. 

The setting was stunning - the perfect place for a fairytale wedding and despite having only half an hour to take photographs outside before the light disappeared (ceremony was over at 3.30pm and it was dark by 4pm) I managed to get quite a few shots off. 
Tim & Amanda are now away on their luxury honeymoon in Mauritius so I can get to work on post production, ready for a viewing when they return.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Thorpe C of E School Calendar Photo Shoot ...

As promised, here's just a couple of photographs that I took during the photo shoot at Thorpe Church of England School.

The reason for this particular shoot was that every year the school produce a calendar, which is then sold and the money raised goes towards buying equipment for the children. A few weeks back I was asked by a very good friend of mine Mike Jones, who's son Lawrence (see the attached portrait photo) goes to the school, if I would possibly take some photos for them. Well there was no way I was going to say no to doing this and despite Mike feeling a little uncomfortable with it, I said I'd do it for nothing; I just believe that from time to time we have to give something back, and this was certainly one of those times.

Although quite a tiring day, it was really enjoyable and the children certainly seemed to enjoy it, so my 'thanks' goes to Mike, a real good friend, for asking me to help out ... it was a pleasure!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

This weekends shoots...

This past few days has seen me photographing 52 children at an infant school for their 2008 Calendar, an urban portrait shoot and a product shoot - so as you can imagine, there's now quite a bit of post production to get on with.

The two photos I've attached to this 'blog' entry are from the urban portrait shoot and are of two brothers, Thomas & Christopher Savage. I decided to use Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire as the location because it's such a lovely area with a stream running through out, a beautiful church with large grounds and the colours at this time of year on the trees are stunning.

I met the two lads there with their mother Diane at around 10am and the shoot lasted for just under an hour which is just about as long as is possible with children of Thomas & Christopher's ages.

I'll post some images up soon of the school and product shoots, so check back soon :o)

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Another photo of Melissa & Lauren

Here's another of the photos that I took of Melissa & Lauren O'Donnell the other day. I've got approximately 30 photos in all to edit from the shoot some of which will end up being black & white so I'd better make tracks and get to work :o) ......

Monday, 5 November 2007

A Busy Week ...

Well this last week has been quite a busy one with numerous portrait shoots and a new one for me, a product shoot where I was taking photos of some gorgeous looking food at a South African Cafe / Delicatessen called 'The Cape' in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire.

One of the portrait sessions was of six, 3 month old babies ... one of whom was my gorgeous little nephew Rowan, who incidentally is becoming quite a 'pro' in front of the camera now, as his Uncle Glyn is always pointing it at him :o)

The photo I've attached to this entry is of a little girl called Lauren - the daughter of a friend of mine Vinnie O'Donnell, that I took during a portrait session whilst walking near Epson Downs. I'll post more as I edit them along with some of the others from this past week, so check back soon.

Bye for now :o)

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