Monday, 26 May 2008

Are you sure that was French???

Proof yet again that my camera and flashes are nearly always with me is this photo of a friend of mine, Tayeb. Whilst over at Heathrow I couldn't resist taking a shot of him as he was having a cigarette. Little did I realise, but the more he 'dragged' on the cigarette, the hotter it got. Needless to say after some 20 or so shots, that little sucker heated up quite a bit and moments later, was thrown to the floor, followed by some rather 'choice' words ... Tayeb, are you sure those words were French??? :o)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Couldn't resist one more ...

Now that I've finished editing all the photos, I couldn't resist adding one more of baby Hannah with her mother, Marianne.

Have a great weekend :o)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Baby Hannah Martin

Yesterday afternoon I was at the home of Jon & Marianne Martin photographing their beautiful baby girl, Hannah. You may remember from an earlier post (July 2007) that I photographed Jon & Marianne's Wedding .. well, I was 'made up' when they asked me to come along and photograph their new arrival.

Despite being passed around many times between Jon & Marianne for photographs, Hannah was a complete angel in front of the camera and even if I do say so myself, we've ended up with some terrific shots. I just need to finish off editing the 'keepers' before showing the results to Jon & Marianne; however ... I've attached a couple here for you to see.

Enjoy :o)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Fionnan is nearly 1 year old ... already!!!

There I was saying "is it me or does time go quicker the older you get", when I was asked if I could photograph Paul & Roisin Quigley's son Fionnan, as he was quickly approaching his first birthday. See, I told you ... time just flyes by ... it only seems like last month when I first drove round to photograph him when he was one week old.

Before I forget, Paul ... the scones were delicious, and the bread didn't last the night :o)

Friday, 16 May 2008

Heathrow Airport Traffic Unit

Well that's it, the working week over (for some) and the weekend is upon us. I've got a few photo shoots planned over the next couple of days, namely a portrait shoot and a celebrity, charity football match on Sunday where I'll be taking portraits of players receiving medals etc... Should be quite interesting, and I'm looking forward to trying out a new lighting technique that day to give the photos a particular look, so be sure to check back in a few days. In the meantime, as always I had my camera and lighting kit out with me today and was asked to take some photos of the Heathrow Airport Traffic Unit; some sample photos are attached.

Anyway, whatever you're doing this weekend, be sure to have a good 'un.
Bye for now :o)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Another Photo of Mark & Lisa ...

While I'm finishing off editing the photos from Mark & Lisa's Wedding at Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire I thought I'd post another here for you to see. Mark & Lisa are still away in Cyprus on their Honeymoon at the moment, but I can't wait to see them when they get back to get together for a viewing. No doubt they'll be looking incredibly well after a relaxing two weeks away in the sun ... lucky devils :o)

Model / Portrait Shoot

Hi Guys,

Is it me or does time seem to go quicker, the older you get??? It seems like only yesterday that I was out with my mate Mark photographing our model for the day, Caroline .. but that was almost a week ago now :o( Anyway, talking of the photo shoot, we had a great time and came away with some cracking photographs. Caroline was an absolute star as we moved from location to location, laden down with camera bags and my lighting rig. Granted some of the locations we went to weren't the most picturesque (industrial areas, graffiti covered walls and so on ...), but hey, it's all in the name of art ... :o)

Here's just a few of the photos I took during the three and a bit hours we spent 'shooting' ... enjoy :o)

Monday, 5 May 2008

You can't beat great neighbours!!!

Hi All,

Like I said on an earlier post, it's been quite a busy (but great) few days for photography. One 'shoot' in particular was with my neighbour, Steve Harris.

Steve is one of those guys that everyone likes ... a good friend, and always willing to help whenever he can; certainly one of lifes 'Good People'. Anyway, Steve is very much into his motorbikes and I thought it would be quite a cool idea to photograph him using the lighting technique I've been experimenting with lately. The couple of shots attached were set up really quickly (and I mean quickly ... like 5 minutes quickly) as I was making my way out to take portraits in North London but just didn't want to miss this opportunity. As luck would have it, Steve's friend Roy was visiting so he was 'frog marched' in front of the camera too :o)

Thanks guys :o)

Mark & Lisa's Wedding ...

Hi All,

Well I must admit the last few days have been awesome!!! Mark & Lisa's Wedding at Highfield Park was just the most amazing day. Everything about it was perfect ... the location, the weather, Mark & Lisa looked terrific and everyone was so incredibly friendly and patient ... I just couldn't have wished for more. I was with them all for just over 3 hours taking photographs around the venue and it's beautiful gardens, and had no end of people willing to help me out carrying lighting stands, camera bags and so on ...

All in all, a wonderful day spent with wonderful people ... Mark & Lisa thankyou so much :o)

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