Monday, 31 March 2008

Photographing 'The Fogg'

Despite the title of this post, it's not quite what it sounds like. I was actually over in Acton, West London last night photographing a band who call themselves 'The Fogg'. I first heard them last year when I was photographing the 2nd Annual Heathrow Summer Ball but because of how busy the night was I didn't really get the chance to enjoy it; last night though certainly made up for it.

There's nothing quite like the sound of a live band, and these guys, who were going through a rehearsal, were simply AWESOME!!! I think I might have to suggest from now on that every portrait shoot has to have a live band playing at the same time ... only kidding :o)

The location was quite featureless inside, so it called for a bit of 'playtime' with some strobes. Whilst the band were playing, I was continually shooting and moving around several light stands that I'd set up ... some with coloured gel's taped over the flash head. The photos attached are just a couple out of the 200 or so shots I rattled off.

The group shot has a SB800 flash head with a red gel, off to the right about 8ft in the air, and one other SB800 on a light stand positioned to the left of camera zommed to around 105mm to focus in on the lead singer's (Dave Ramage) face.

As for the second shot, the lighting is identical except for another flash head positioned camera left, about 8ft in the air aiming down to add a hair light.

Enjoy :o)

>One more thing ... if you've ever thought about having a live band play at your event ie wedding, birthday party in fact anything at all, I would seriously consider booking 'The Fogg' ( ... a great bunch of guys who knock out the amazing sound!!! :o)

Doesn't time fly ....

Geez doesn't time fly ? ... can't believe a week has gone by already since Joe's Bar Mitzvah. As well as getting out on a couple of photo shoots, this week I've been concentrating on finishing up editing all the 'keepers' from last weekends shoot of which I've narrowed it down to 450 from the original 1400 images. I'm working hard to get all my previous jobs edited and ready for viewing before this coming weekend when I'm being flown over to Gibraltar for a Portrait Shoot. I'm over there for 3 days from Saturday so I'll make sure I post up some of the images when I get back. Fingers crossed the weather is good out there cos I've got all sorts of ideas going through my head of that I want to do.

Anyway, I thought I'd add just a few more of the images from Joe's Bar Mitzvah weekend, which despite the hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed and for many reasons (all good) I'll never forget.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

A busy weekend shooting...

I've been waiting for this weekend for quite some time now ... the weekend of Joe Sharpe's Bar Mitzvah. With a whole weekend of festivities planned it's been quite a busy time as on Friday I was over at Joe's house taking portraits shots of him as he prepared for what is to be one of the biggest events of his life.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was over at Dylan's Restaurant in Finchley photographing the lunch and speeches. Considering there was quite alot to think about re the photos to be taken, the day was great fun. From the day I met them, Joe's family have made me feel extremely welcome; so much so, that yesterday despite being the official photographer I felt 100% like a guest. I've never experienced a Bar Mitzvah before but from what I saw yesterday, I can now see why it's such a special time.

This evening sees day 2 of the celebrations with a blazing party at the Harry Abrahams Stadium, London with music, dancing, food and lots of laughter ... I can't wait!! Yet again, I've got my good friend Barry helping me out for the two days .. without whom, my job would be considerably harder ... cheers Barry :o)

Oh and one more thing, although I didn't get to sit down and enjoy a full meal at Dylans yesterday, from what I saw and from the reactions of the guests, the food was outstanding, so I'd certainly recommend it!!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

A couple more of Sarah & Leon...

Sarah & Leon's Pre Wedding Shoot

As promised, here's a few shots from Sarah & Leon's Pre Wedding Shoot in Windsor that I mentioned earlier. I've spent most of today sorting out the photos that I'll be showing them from the couple of hundred or so that we took during our time together. Both Sarah & Leon were the perfect clients - great fun, clearly in love and a pleasure to photograph. I'll be seeing them on Tuesday this coming week to show them the photographs, and I can't wait!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Trying something new ...

This morning I was out on a Pre Wedding Shoot at one of my favourite locations, Windsor, with Sarah Paton and Leon Wheatley who get married on the 12th April this year. The hour or so we spent taking photos flew by, but we certainly had a great time and have ended up with some crackers!!! so I'll be sure to post a couple of the pictures here over the next day or so.

Having been inspired this week by a hero of mine, Scott Kelby, I've been trying my hand at food photography. Luckily my wife Anne is very much into cookery so I've not been short of material to photograph. There's certainly an art to photographing food correctly so that it looks appealing - taking into consideration lighting, camera angle and composition but it's great fun and something I'd like to do alot more of. I've attached a few photos that I've taken this last few days and a mock leaflet that I put together in Photoshop.

Enjoy :o)

Monday, 3 March 2008

Meet the Robinsons ...

Yesterday afternoon was a blast!!! I was out with Mark & Lynne Robinson and their 3 children ... Laura, Eleanor and Daniel taking family photographs - a great family, who were such fun to spend time with.

After having a coffee at their house and being introduced to the children, we all then made our way to a local public park / golf course which ended up being a great location for photographs. I guess we were there for around about 45 minutes or so, and took over 200 photographs - such is the magic of digital :o)

Anyway, here's just a couple of the photos from the shoot ...

Have a great week :o)

Mr & Mrs John Hodkisson

Saturday last week I was photographing a Wedding at the Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross. I've known the Bride and Groom for a number of years now and it was so nice to see them finally tying the knot.

A good friend of mine, Barry Payne helped me out on the day by directing the flash units I was using and keeping an eye on my kit. I gotta say Barry, you were a BIG help so Thankyou so much!!!

The photos of John & Niki attached were backlit by Barry crouching down behind them and pointing one of my Nikon Speedlights (fired by a pocket wizard radio transmitter) at their shoulders.

Enjoy :o)

Baby Liberty...

Well this past week has been quite busy with a Baby Portrait Shoot, a Wedding Shoot and finishing off with a Family Shoot - but I've loved it!!!

The photos attached are from the baby shoot ... a delightful 6 month old little lady by the name of Liberty who was exceptionally well behaved during the time we were taking photos; mind you, I think chewing on the arm of the leather sofa in the family living was more interesting for her.

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