Sunday, 23 November 2008

Ferrari 430 Spider

One of the 'shoots' I had arranged for this weekend was down in Henley at the UTRC (Upper Thames Rowing Club), but despite the location it wasn't to take photos of some of the world class rowers that the club has produced (I'll be taking those at a later date). It was however to take some shots of a Ferrari 430 Spider owned by one of the club members with the intention of using the results in the Commercial section of my new site which will be launching early 2009.

Whilst I was setting up my lighting rig, the owner of the Ferrari, Dave and a good friend of mine Johnny Woodiss-Field gave the car a quick rub down. (Note to self: don't use river water when washing your £130,000 supercar :o)

Enjoy :o)

On yer bike!

Well, three wrecked shoot thru umbrella's later and these are some of the shots that I took of a friend of mine Kirsty the other day. We'd planned to meet early afternoon to take some portrait photos as the good ole' weather men said it was just going to be slightly overcast; well, add to that the near freezing temperature and the hurricane winds (ok, slight exaggeration there) you get the picture. Let's just say that a pair of ruby slippers and the occasional shout of 'Toto, Toto' wouldn't have gone amiss :o)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Playing around ...

As often as I can I like to have a bit of a 'play' with my camera and lights and experiment with different set ups. The attached photos are from two such times ... one when I was playing with casting shadows on a wall to create a 'menacing' feel to the photo, and the other when I was trying out a new 'Ring Flash'.

Hey I know what you're thinking but this kind of stuff keeps me out of trouble. LOL

ps> Just incase you're reading this Barry, thanks for helping out again, and when I said 'menacing' it wasn't the photo of you I was referring to ... honest ;o)

Monday, 3 November 2008

James & Fiona's Wedding

Well it's now two days since James & Fiona's Wedding Day at the Luton Hoo Hotel, Bedfordshire - and what a day it was :o)

We started the day off photographing Fiona getting ready, along with some detail shots and then finally once she'd got into her Wedding dress ... which was absolutely stunning!

With a ceremony at midday the time seemed to literally fly by, but with careful planning (me being a typical virgo and a big thankyou to Mark :o) everything ran smoothly and we managed to get some cracking 'shots' during the day and then on into the evening when they revealed a surprise laser shoot and casino for their guests.

James & Fiona will be leaving for their honeymoon to Thailand in mid December so I've now got a couple of weeks to edit their photos and then get together for a viewing. Afterwards I'll be sure to post up a few more images for you to see, but for now check out the attached photos along with the short video giving a 'sneak preview' of their day .... enjoy :o)

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