Saturday, 23 February 2008

Some more shots of Leah ...

Thought I'd post up a couple more photos of Leah Hibbert that I took the other day now that I've finished the editing.

This morning I was out taking photos of a couple by the name of Brett & Laura Hinton and their 6 month old daughter, Liberty. I gotta say, Liberty was exceptionally well behaved considering she was being passed around and had a strange (and by that I mean a stranger of course :o) guy pointing a camera in her face. In no time at all I'd used up 1 4Gb memory card and half of a second, so plenty of editing to get on with now.

Tomorrow I'm off to a Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham where there will be halls full of all the latest kit, equipment suppliers, software and so on .... heaven :o)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Making day time into night time ...

This morning I was over at my good friend Neal Hibbert's house taking some photos of his daughter, Leah. I've known Neal for quite a few years now, going back to when we used to run a website together and thinking about it, it was actually him who first got me interested in computer graphics / design, which then led to me getting heavily involved in Adobe Photoshop. The rest, as they say (whoever they are) is history. So, Thanks Neal :o)

Anyway, here's a couple of shots that I took of Leah. The shot on the stairs was actually taken during the middle of the afternoon, so to make it look like the middle of the night, with the moonlight shining through a window, I put a blue gel on a Nikon Speedlight, zoomed it to 105mm to focus the light, and placed it up high on a light stand to the right of the camera. The shutter speed on my camera was set at a speed that would darken the scene and the lines on the wall are from the light shining through the wooden spindles on the staircase.

The other photograph was taken using natural light, and increasing the exposure compensation on my Nikon D3.

Enjoy :o)

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Latest ...

Hi All,

Not had chance to post too much over the last few days because of work commitments so I thought I'd just let you know I'm still here :o)

For those of you who have who aren't aware and have come direct to this blog, I've now uploaded my new website complete with new colours, logo and layout. It's taken quite some time to get it up and running but hopefully will appeal for all the right reasons; I just felt the last site needed more of an elegant feel to it. This new site is as always, a work in progress and will constantly be added to and altered very slightly to keep it fresh.

Well, quite a few busy days ahead so I'll be sure to post a few images here for you to see.

Bye for now :o)

ps> Any thoughts / suggestions re the new site, please feel free to pass them on.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Another 'Good Guy' escapes 'down under'

Yesterday afternoon I was out over in Chalfont St Peter taking photos of a friend Trevor Timbury and 8 members of his family. Trevor is yet another one of the 'good guys' to be leaving the UK (with his wife Angie and 21 month old son Archie) to start a new life 'down under'; in fact they fly out from Heathrow on the 18th of this month.

Having spent a fun couple of hours with them all we ended up with a fair few images that I just need to add some finishing touches to. I'll be sure to post a few of them here, but in the mean time here's one of the shots of Archie.

Enjoy :o)

ps> All the very best to you Trevor ;o)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

A couple more from yesterday's shoot ...

As I'm now going through the photographs of John & Niki, I thought I'd post another couple here for you to see.

John & Niki's Pre Wedding Shoot

Yesterday afternoon I was out in Windsor with John Hodkisson & Niki Widberg going through a Pre Wedding Photo Shoot. I really love going out taking photographs of couples in natural surroundings, and Windsor is such an incredible place for doing just this.

John & Niki are a really great couple, and seeing how the two of them behave towards each other in front of the camera clearly shows what they have is something special. The 1st March is the day of the wedding, and I can't wait!!!

All Saints Church, Coleshill

I always start to feel a little restless if a couple of days go by when I've not had my camera in my hand, so the other evening I popped up to a local village called Coleshill to see what I could get. It was the time of evening when the sky takes on that deep blue colour and when I was walking around the grounds of All Saints Church, the contrast of the light outside the main doors and the blue sky really caught my eye.

Enjoy :o)

Ahhh ... memories :o)

This past weekend, inbetween photo shoots I've been having another sort out of some of the folders on my back-up external hard drive. I happened to stumble across a folder of photographs taken of me back in 2006 by friend and fellow photographer, Stuart Freeman. Although still into weight training and keeping fit, at the time I was training with alot more intensity and competing in the occasional physique competition.

Ahhh....memories :o)

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