Tuesday, 20 November 2007

How cool is that!!!

Last week I mentioed about going to Thorpe Church of England School to take photos of the children for their 2008 Calendar. Well today I met up with my good friend Mike Jones, and popped back to take a few more shots and ended up being given a 'Thankyou' card from the children. 

I was speechless (which is quite something) to think that they'd taken time to make a card for me which consisted of hand drawn portraits in crayon, stuck onto a large card with the words "Dear Glyn, Thank you for coming into school to take our photographs. From all the children at Thorpe Infant School" ... How cool is that :o)

(Thanks Mike for taking the photo)


Branden 24 November 2007 at 15:19  

Hi Glyn,

What a wonderful gift you have provided for the children!! I bet they had a great time making your Thank You card, and presenting you with it. This is a fine example of life's greatest rewards!

I have enjoyed browsing your Blog and will check back regularly. In fact I signed up to create one myself!

Branden from NAPP

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