Monday, 26 November 2007

Out with the Kannemeyer's ...

Here's one of the photos I took of Lewis Kannemeyer during a family portrait shoot down  in Hindhead, Surrey, yesterday morning.

As the weather was being kind to us we decided to go out for a walk in a local woodland area which is probably the last time this year  that we'll be able to make good use of all the autumn colours. 

Going out to somewhere local, I find is always a good thing to do when possible, as it goes a long way in making those being photographed, relaxed because they're in familiar surroundings.

When shooting this image I manually set the camera to underexpose the background and then used off camera flash which I held in my free hand, to throw some light onto Lewis. The result is that your eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest area containing the main subject of the photograph.


Anonymous 11 December 2007 at 19:13  

what results from a great couple of hours in the bush!! sorry woods.
mate you created some great photos that will hang pride of place in ours and our families homes.

thanks alot mate
definatley recommend to anyone who wants relaxed natural photos..
good luck

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