Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunset - Anytime, anywhere ...

I get a real kick out of experimenting with flash photography; changing the light in a scene to give the final picture a completely different feel. (The photo attached is an example of what I mean). Yesterday morning I was out on a portrait shoot taking head & shoulders shots and when we were all finished, I couldn't resist trying out one more.

Despite it being a fabulously (is that a word???) sunny day with bright blue skies, I thought it would interesting to make a photo that gave the feel of an evening sunset, so ... make some adjustments in the camera, take one Nikon SB800 flash, some coloured gels and put it outside firing back into the house through a window with blinds in; add to that, a pressed, I mean willing client and voila :o)


NB> Here's what the room looked like with the bright sun coming in through the window before I 'tweeked' it a little :o)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Gareth Davies - Powerlifter

Friday of last week I spent some time photographing a guy by the name of Gareth Davies, who despite being an incredibly good powerlifter destined for BIG things, is incredibly modest and humble - and not forgetting very patient as we went from one area to the next around the gym.

This was more of a 'test' before we get together in the near future for a bigger 'on location' photo shoot where I'll be using a 24' England Flag amongst other things ... so watch this space :o)


Friday, 13 March 2009

The Debonaires-Slideshow & Soundtrack

I promised the guys from 'The Debonaires' that I'd add a slideshow on the blog for you all to see with photos from the album photo shoot we did a few weeks back ... but only if they gave me a sample from the album recording they did recently. Well, the guys came up trumps yet again so here it is. Enjoy :

Credit to the Sound Engineer Simon, from Hillside Studios for doing a wonderful job; can't wait to get a copy of the album :o)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Vettese Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning I headed down the motorway for a photo shoot in Loxwood - a beautiful village in West Sussex and the home of Marco & Diana Vettese who three months ago were blessed with the birth of the son, Sam. I'd been contacted by Marco a few weeks ago but due to the freaky weather we've had lately, we had to postpone the 'shoot' until yesterday. So, with the sun shining I made my way down to them listening to some relaxing music by Slipknot, Linkin Park and others known for their calming, therapeutic tunes and arrived a little over one hour later.

I've said before in this blog that my work introduces me to some wonderful people and yesterday was no exception. Marco & Diana were incredibly welcoming and despite initially feeling a little self conscious having their photos taken, soon got into the swing of things. Baby Sam was an angel although he definitely let us know who was boss by deciding that enough was enough and went for a sleep half way through the shoot :o)

I've now starting adding some finishing touches to the shots but I thought I'd post a few of the results here for you to see in the mean time.

All in all another great day spent with great people ... thanks guys, oh and thanks so much for the food - you certainly didn't have to but my was I glad you did ... delicious :o)

*NB - This photo of Marco playing his guitar was taken during some 'time out'.

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