Monday, 5 May 2008

You can't beat great neighbours!!!

Hi All,

Like I said on an earlier post, it's been quite a busy (but great) few days for photography. One 'shoot' in particular was with my neighbour, Steve Harris.

Steve is one of those guys that everyone likes ... a good friend, and always willing to help whenever he can; certainly one of lifes 'Good People'. Anyway, Steve is very much into his motorbikes and I thought it would be quite a cool idea to photograph him using the lighting technique I've been experimenting with lately. The couple of shots attached were set up really quickly (and I mean quickly ... like 5 minutes quickly) as I was making my way out to take portraits in North London but just didn't want to miss this opportunity. As luck would have it, Steve's friend Roy was visiting so he was 'frog marched' in front of the camera too :o)

Thanks guys :o)


Steve Harris 7 May 2008 at 19:43  

What amazing pictures. The lighting and the colour were spot on. Superb Glyn, keep up the good work, you will go far!

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