Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas :o)

On what is undoubtedly going to be a day of over indulgence, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas; wherever you are, whatever you're doing and whoever you're doing it with ... have a great day :o)

I've lots to tell you about that is coming soon ... i.e. new website, new blog, photo shoots, a competition etc ... but today is not the day for sitting in front of the computer (well, maybe not all day) so I'll be sure to update you soon.

Bye for now :o)


KezBazandSam 25 December 2008 at 20:43  

Merry Christmas Mate. It has been an honour and pleasure working with you this year and to see you grow and grow!!! I know that our schedules do not always seem to match and that you can now often work on your own, but I very much look forward to being a part of more fantastic shoots during 2009. Good luck mate and thank you for making me a part of something very special.

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