Monday, 1 September 2008

Ongoing Portrait Project

I always like to have a few projects to work on in between photography jobs and one of the ones I have running at the moment is all about faces. It's an ongoing project that quite simply will be finished when I feel I've taken enough photos (maybe around 25). The photos are all going to be of men's faces ... expressionless and staring straight into the lens, and what I'd like to do at the end of it is to arrange all of them in roughly a 5x5 grid. There's no particular reason or purpose behind it other than it'll be interesting to see so many varied faces, all shot with the same lighting and style in one place.

I guess you can learn alot about someone by the things they get up to in their spare time huh :o)

This shot ... the first one taken for the project, is of my good friend and neighbour Steve, who you may recall I took a photo of with his motorbike some weeks back. Click here


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