Thursday, 21 February 2008

Making day time into night time ...

This morning I was over at my good friend Neal Hibbert's house taking some photos of his daughter, Leah. I've known Neal for quite a few years now, going back to when we used to run a website together and thinking about it, it was actually him who first got me interested in computer graphics / design, which then led to me getting heavily involved in Adobe Photoshop. The rest, as they say (whoever they are) is history. So, Thanks Neal :o)

Anyway, here's a couple of shots that I took of Leah. The shot on the stairs was actually taken during the middle of the afternoon, so to make it look like the middle of the night, with the moonlight shining through a window, I put a blue gel on a Nikon Speedlight, zoomed it to 105mm to focus the light, and placed it up high on a light stand to the right of the camera. The shutter speed on my camera was set at a speed that would darken the scene and the lines on the wall are from the light shining through the wooden spindles on the staircase.

The other photograph was taken using natural light, and increasing the exposure compensation on my Nikon D3.

Enjoy :o)


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