Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shooting a 'Shoot' - The Country Life

Monday of this week I was just outside of Ripley, a quaint little Village in Surrey photographing some personal work to add to the portfolio. I'd arranged to meet up with a couple of guys Mark Powley & Steve Dabinett who are Shotgun licence holders and keen Clay Pidgeon/Sport Shooters cos I had a few ideas for some 'Country Life' style photographs. The day started off perfect for the kind of shots I was looking to put together; cloudy overcast skies and more importantly dry. However, by the time I arrived there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was knocking out some serious rays.

Anyway after a couple of hours or so of enjoying the countryside and being shown one end of a shotgun from the other we were ready so it was 'location scouting time' and out came the camera along with my Alien Bees Lighting.

I've attached some of the 'shots' from the day to give you an idea of what I was looking for; all taken using just one light and on occasion using the sun as a back/rim light.

* Hmmm 'High Speed Continuous Shooting' on the Nikon D3 :o)

Enjoy ;o)


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