Friday, 19 June 2009

Restoring Priceless belongings

Before becoming a Photographer, I started out as an 'editor' of photographic images using Adobe Photoshop and still do occasionally take on a few 'editing' jobs such as restoring damaged photos, designing posters for advertising etc ...

This past couple of days I've been working on a few photographs that I was given by clients; one in particular being an old photograph that had faded, discoloured, scratches, water damage and to top it off had stuck to the glass that it had been framed behind. Just about everything that could have happened to it, had.

So, on went the relaxing, chill out music and the slippers (did I really admit to that???) ... time to get comfortable and begin cos this kind of work isn't something to be rushed.

Anyway, after spending some time removing all the water damage and so on, here's the final result:

More later with an 'Andy Warhol' style edit ;o)


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