Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Little Update ...

The past week or so has been real busy 'topping' and 'tailing' a few things so I thought I'd just add this little post to give you a breakdown of what's been going on:

* Several meetings with the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Police and British Airports Authority re the forthcoming 'Local Heroes' project ironing out such things as copyright issues, auditing of funds and so on. Looks like the project will start in early May which I can't wait for, so watch this space.

* This past week I've been out on a couple of recce's for upcoming photo shoots, one of which is this coming Saturday and should see the return of my smoke bombs.

* The new website although delayed, is well and truly on the way and I'm expecting (hoping) it will be ready to launch imminently with a few videos included.

* I'll soon be starting a 'Strobist' style group where photographers of all skill levels are welcome to come along to meets throughout the year to all sorts of venues for a day of photographing models. I'll be posting these details up on my Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pages.

So, plenty going on and no time to waste so I'll catch up with you soon,

Enjoy ;o)

> Here's another piccie from the shoot with Powerlifter Gareth Davies who is competing this coming weekend; go for it big fella ;o)


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