Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunset - Anytime, anywhere ...

I get a real kick out of experimenting with flash photography; changing the light in a scene to give the final picture a completely different feel. (The photo attached is an example of what I mean). Yesterday morning I was out on a portrait shoot taking head & shoulders shots and when we were all finished, I couldn't resist trying out one more.

Despite it being a fabulously (is that a word???) sunny day with bright blue skies, I thought it would interesting to make a photo that gave the feel of an evening sunset, so ... make some adjustments in the camera, take one Nikon SB800 flash, some coloured gels and put it outside firing back into the house through a window with blinds in; add to that, a pressed, I mean willing client and voila :o)


NB> Here's what the room looked like with the bright sun coming in through the window before I 'tweeked' it a little :o)

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