Friday, 13 February 2009

More odds 'n' sods ...

Having had just about every 'season' possible this past week, the drastically changing weather has meant a number of photo shoots being put back a few days. Well I suppose it was quite alot to ask those I was photographing to stand out in minus something or other degrees temperatures, but to stand out in blizzard like conditions, followed by torrential rain, thunder and six inches of snow would have been pushing it maybe a little too far.

This week I've been working down at Heathrow Airport again and as always, like to use it as an opportunity to take photos that I wouldn't normally have the chance to take. The photo attached is of a guy by the name of Tony Wong; another of Heathrow's Armed Police that I convinced to 'just stand there for a moment' whilst I proceeded to pull out all sorts of camera equipment to the point that it looked like he was on the set of the new Terminator Movie :o)

Anyway the weekend is upon us, so to give you an idea of what's going on over the next few days ... I'm with a 50's band called 'The Debonaires' working on photos to be used as artwork on their new album (being released I believe at the end of March) and also I'll be spending a day with BMI (British Midland Airline) putting together some images to be used as front covers on their 'in house' magazine.

Rest assured I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime .... enjoy ;o)


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