Sunday, 4 January 2009

Brass Monkeys !!!!

Just when I thought yesterday was cold, how wrong I was. Now ... I'm told that in the summer Heathrow Airport is the hottest place in the country and in the winter it's the coldest, down to the fact that it's one big mass of concrete, and having been photographing there today I tend to believe wholeheartedly with this theory. Today, in a word was b%&*£%n freezing ... -6 apparently which for some of you in Canada is child's play I know but geez were my hands cold. In fact, the only reason I've written this blog entry is to force movement into my now brittle fingers.

Anyway, back to business ... here's a portrait photograph that I took in ... I mean, with a flash of Tayeb Degaichia ... a Community Support Officer on the 'Safer Airports Team' responsible for Terminal 1 who did a great job coping with the cold.

Enjoy :o)

ps> ... Did I mention it was cold???


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