Monday, 8 December 2008

Salt of the earth :o)

As we go through life all manner of people cross our paths and become friends, but every now and again you meet someone that you would classify as a 'best mate' ... someone you trust implicitly, have the same sense of humour and so on ...

The photograph I've attached to this 'blog' entry is one I took of a guy by the name of Dave Gurnhill ... someone I would call my 'best mate'. Dave's a thoroughly decent 'bloke' and to use an old Cockney phrase (I think) ... 'Salt of the earth'. I can honestly say that every day I've worked with Dave, I've 'belly laughed' at least once, and having fun is certainly a priority!!!

Earlier this year I was completely bowled over when Dave asked me to be God Father to his gorgeous little boy Jamie ... doesn't get any better than that huh :o)

>ps ... The 'moody' look was intentional :o)


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