Monday, 9 June 2008

Time with my "Bruv"

For far too long now I've been promising to take a trip up to Loughborough, Leicestershire to visit my good friend Raj and his family and take some photographs. Well, I finally got my backside in gear and made the trip up last Saturday and had a great time. As always, Raj his wife Jaz and two children Amerdeep and Taran made me feel incredibly welcome. I met Raj just under 4 years ago at Heathrow and he very quickly became a great friend. Some people when you meet them, you just 'hit it off', and that's exactly what happened with Raj and myself ... he became like a Brother, and when he moved away to Loughborough it made a big impact. Needless to say it was great to catch up over a beer (or two) before taking some photographs; I knew the built in 'Vibration Reduction' in my lenses would come in handy one day :o)

Anyway, here's some shots of Amerdeep and Taran ... enjoy :o)


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