Monday, 9 June 2008

Paul & Erin's Pre Wedding Shoot

Today I was out with Paul O'Connell and Erin Samaras on their Pre Wedding Shoot. Paul & Erin 'tie the knot' on the 21st June at St Andrew's Church, Windsor and I can't wait cos over the short time that I've got to know them, it's been plainly obvious that they're so right for each other ... which makes taking photos of them a breeze.

We spent little over an hour today in Windsor taking photographs, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Both Paul & Erin are great to work with and more than happy to stick with me when I start experimenting; which I tend to do quite a bit :o)

Anyway, I'm now getting on with editing their photographs so I thought I'd post a few here for you to see.

Enjoy :o)


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