Sunday, 29 June 2008

Burning the midnight oil ...

Well as sit here typing away, it's currently 0050 am, and I've still got some sorting out of my kit to do, ready for tomorrow's photography job :o(

Had a great day today .. busy, but great. Started off with a portrait photography shoot next door, at my neighbours and good friends, Steve & Edwina. Steve's mother, Mary had organised for the whole family to get together and wanted some photographs to remember the day because as I'm sure we can appreciate, it's quite a challenge getting everyone together in one place. All in all, I think there were fourteen people in total, and I guess we spent just under one hour together ... which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've got a little editing to get on with now, but I've attached a couple of shots I took of Steve & Edwina's daughter, Phoebe (I promised I would) for you to see :o)

Straight afterwards, my good friend Mark and I went went over to see James & Catherine Simpkin, whose Wedding we photographed a few weeks back to show them their photographs. In short, I couldn't have wished for a better reaction; so, James & Catherine ... thankyou x

Anyway, must dash ... just a couple of hours sleep would be nice before the early start in the morning.

Bye for now :o)


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