Monday, 24 September 2007

A Week Away...

Well we're back home now from our week away in France, which I must say, was fantastic! We stayed in a beautiful little village in the Calvados / Normandy region called St Sever which is in an ideal location for visiting the beaches, towns and countryside. Good friends of ours Stuart & Elaine Hood live in the village and have done now for some 3 years so we were lucky enough to be able to spend time with them and to be shown around.

St Sever and in fact all the region is packed with history; in particular that of World War 2. Every village you drive through there's a monument depicting the names of villagers who died during that time and each of them is immaculate. During the war 6 British Airmen lost their lives when their plane crashed into a house just 2 doors up from where Stuart & Elaine now live, and the photograph of the gravestones attached to this entry is one that I took in St Sever's cemetary showing where they have been laid to rest.

Our time away wasn't just for a holiday though. Because of our plans to live in France in the not too distant future, we also treated this trip as one of many fact finding missions. However, that said we did do the 'touristy' bit on one of the days and visited Le Mont St Michel - a magical looking place that seems to rise out of the sea and looks like something out of Harry Potter Films. The photograph attached is the view from the car park looking up and for those interested it's a HDR image which I made by combining 3 shots, each 2 stops exposure difference and then tweeked in photoshop to give the final look.

Anyway, loads more to write but I'll add it later once I've been out and got some 'back from holiday' jobs done :o)


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