Wednesday, 15 August 2007

30 years of memories...

Every now and then I get commisioned to design a poster/montage to mark an occasion or an event. This week, I was asked to design a poster from a collection of scanned images that I'd been emailed of a Police Officer that was due to retire from the Metropolitan Police Service, after having completed 30 years.

The Police Officer is a chap by the name of Barry Leach who it seems has had quite a career, having been awarded the MBE for 'Services to the Public".

The picture attached to this blog entry is what I finally came up with, which has been printed out at 18" x 12" on Epson's Premium Lustre Paper, using my Epson R2400 (hmmmm love it!) Composing the image didn't take all that long once I'd come up with the idea ... it was the coming up with the idea that took ages, but hey you know what they say .... "No retreat, no surrender"...whoever 'they' are :o)


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