Saturday, 23 June 2007

Jason & Jo Davis

The photos attached to this blog are just a sample from a photography session I did a few days ago with a couple called Jason & Jo Davis and their 5 month old daughter, Brooke (Hope I spelt that correctly Jason). We'd been meaning to get together for a while now to take some shots but there always seemed to be something preventing it.

I guess we spent around about 2 hours taking photos; some using just the one elinchrom flash and some just taking advantage of natural light spilling in from a window behind and to the side of us. Brooke took it all in her stride, not phased by the flash at all, or Mom & Dad passing her between them, changing her a couple of times into different outfits and so on ....

Again, as is usually the case with portraits sessions I do, just over 200 photographs were taken and the great thing is that we're gonna have alot of keepers from that too.

As always, I learn something from every photography session I do and this was no exception. The things that immediately spring to mind are ... 1) Have the shutter set to continuous so you can rattle of a number of shots at once cos babies constantly change their expression, and 2) stand well clear when babies are undressed, hey Jason :o)


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