Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Walking on air !!!

Well last night I went round to see the now Mr & Mrs David Gurnhill, who's Wedding I photographed on the 14th April 2007. I mentioned on a previous entry that I took just under 800 photographs on the day; being mindful not to shove the camera in everyones face but to discretely catch the mood and feeling of the whole day. I edited down to around 100 and presented them to a very 'tanned' Dave & Christina round at their house, set to the music of their first dance, "Amazed" by Lonestar and also a favourite of mine, "Over the Rainbow" sung by Eva Cassidy.

I'm always very nervous when I present my work to cos I so want them to be happy with them, but the nerves soon disappeared. Both Dave & Christina were 'over the moon' !!! The idea was for them to select around 60 or so images to be put into a Wedding Book but they both said that it was impossible to choose as they loved them all. I tell you, getting that kind of reaction means so much; it gives a feeling that money simply can't buy.

Having also made an unplanned visit to Christina parents to show the slideshow to, I then made my way back home "walking on air"; on the way receiving a text from Dave....."We both just said that we both wanted to cry but not in front of you! Got an image to keep up! Thanks again so much mate. We are truly touched at the quality of your pics. Better than we could have hoped for. Thanks again"

Dave & Christina...Thankyou for trusting me to 'capture your day'; it means alot and I'll NEVER forget it!!!


Paul Reddick 7 May 2007 at 20:29  

And there you have it, a firm competitor for Peak District Photography!! I'll be in touch as my first wedding is fast approaching! Paul

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