Monday, 13 July 2009

Time Out ... well, sort of

Every now and then I need a little 'time out'; time when I just go for a walk, camera in hand with no real purpose and yesterday was one of those days. I met up with my buddy Vince at the usual haunt (Starbuck's, Windsor) and after downing a bath full of coffee went for a stroll.

Armed with only a little kit (camera, couple of lenses, tripod) and no plan as such we walked around taking shots of whatever took our eye.

As usual, I couldn't resist taking a portrait; this shot of Vince is a HDR image (High Dynamic Range) and is a blend of five (5) differently exposed shots combined together.

... and this shot of the Windsor from across the River Thames, I took with my iPhone.

All in all, a much needed couple of hours; very relaxing and great for clearing the mind.

* Note to self: Don't drink too much coffee before going for a walk!


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