Friday, 3 July 2009

The name's Bartlett ... Danny Bartlett

One of the shoots from this week was with male model, Danny Bartlett who you'll remember I photographed a few weeks back in a local garage to emulate a classic shot by Herb Ritts (Image below)

This time with Danny we wanted to go for a completely different look so I asked him to wear a tuxedo complete with 'Dickie Bow' and to bring along his BMW M3 which I wanted to include in some of the shots.

I had in mind quite a few different looks that I wanted to achieve so this meant bringing along quite a bit of kit ranging from Ring Flash to my Alien Bees Lighting Rig.

I'm guessing we were 'shooting' for around 2 hours making use of strobes and natural/ambient light but making sure to give ourselves plenty of breaks to take in some water cos despite it being quite late, it was still very warm.

All in all, a great evening. Big thanks to Danny for being such a great talent to work with and for being prepared to wear a tuxedo in the heat, and also a big thank you to my buddy Vince for assisting with setting up the lighting and keeping an eye out for the b&£$*&d 'clampers'.

More later ;o)

* NB ... this final images was actually taken during a lighting set up before the final front light was added but to be honest I quite like the 'edgy' feel the rim lights give on their own.


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