Sunday, 31 May 2009

2 Weddings in 2 Days ...

This past weekend was a 'Photography Fest' having photographed two Weddings; one on Friday and one on Saturday.

Friday was Brian Whyte & Chris Rivett's Wedding at the Frimley Hall Hotel, Camberley in Surrey who's Pre Wedding / Engagement Shoot I blogged about on 12th April 2009.

Saturday was Mark Fryer & Samantha Luker's Wedding at The Matara Centre, Gloucestershire who's Pre Wedding / Engagement Shoot I blogged abut on 13th May 2009.

I'm going to write about each of the Weddings in a couple of days (including more photos and how I took each shot) once I've had time to do a bit more editing and my feet have stopped screaming at me. For now though I just wanted to say that despite it being a non-stop busy weekend it's been an amazing experience with some great people at stunning locations.

HUGE 'Thank You' to my good friends David Gurnhill & Steve Pratley who assisted me at each of the Weddings. It's because of their help that both days photography was a dream; extremely well organised and relaxed.


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