Friday, 16 January 2009

Portrait Shoot in sunny (???) Windsor :o)

A few days back I met up with very dear friends of mine Graham McCutcheon and Tracy-Ann Moore, who are both management for Air New Zealand. I've been meaning to meet up with Tracey-Ann for a photo shoot for some time now so we arranged to meet at Graham's home in Windsor. After a couple of cups of tea and the conversation had plummeted to it's usual depths we ventured out into Graham's neighbour's garden. Now, I say garden ... but if you call roughly 85 acres which includes woodland, a lake, a boat house, and some Llamas amongst other things a garden, then I need to put a few more hours in :o)

We were real lucky with the weather for about half an hour but then out of no-where the wind picked up, the skies turned grey and the temperature plummeted. Now I have made a promise to myself not to mention the cold after hearing that friends of mine Alan & Sharron Carragher in Canada were experiencing temperatures of -31 degrees, so ... I'll not say anymore about it ... for now anyway :o)

After just over one hour taking photos of Tracey-Ann with Graham doing a sterling job supporting my lighting, we called it a day and hastily headed indoors for a hot cup of tea, followed by a glass of wine and some of Graham's home made banana cake which was too good to have just one slice, or two ... or should I say three???? :o)

As well as posting a few of the shots taken during the time we were out , I've also added a music video/slideshow where you can take a look at some of the others. (Just click the image below to play)

Enjoy :o)


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