Saturday, 31 January 2009

NYPD Blue ... well, sort of :o)

Group shots are notoriously dreaded by photographers for a number of reasons ... lighting and getting everyone in the shot to look 'good' all at once to name a few. However, group shots will always be asked for, so I try to make them a little more interesting rather than the traditional line up, cos let's face it ... they can be about as dull as dishwater.

DVD covers, TV magazines, Movies and the like are great resources for 'inspiration' and that's sort of where I got the idea for this shot ... an old photo of the crew of NYPD Blue, taken by Michael Grecco, ontop of a building looking out across the New York skyline. Now admittedly New York this isn't but the top floor of Car Park 1a at London's Heathrow Airport was the best we could manage :o)

Thanks to the 'Safer Airports Team' at Heathrow and to Lee Piper (Management BAA Security) for dealing with all the 'red tape' (permit). At the time of writing, I understand Lee now has another bout of the flu, which I take full responsibility for, for making her stand outside for so long during the shoot ... it's the least I could do.

Enjoy ;o)


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