Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Testing out a lighting technique ...

Hi All,

Not wanting to waste any time, I grabbed some of the Heathrow ARV (Armed Response Vehicle) guys today for a quick photo shoot. Like I mentioned on a previous post, I'm looking at trying out a few lighting techniques .. one in particular I feel gives quite a powerful, heroic look to the subjects being photographed. There's still quite a bit of work I think needed to perfect the look I'm after, but again, the photograph attached will give you a feel for where I'm heading.

I would have chosen a better backdrop for the guys but today was quite a bright sunny day and I was already at the highest sync speed for the flashes to darken down the ambient light ... plus this was the only shaded area available for the short time we had.


A.J. 25 April 2008 at 05:12  

Top notch photos, your technique is really getting the job done. Look forward to catching up in Vegas in the fall.

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