Saturday, 19 April 2008

A quick (and I mean quick) shoot ...

When I'm not on an official photo shoot, I'm always looking for projects that I can work on. At the moment, I'm working on a particular lighting and post production technique so to give it a try I went out this morning to photograph the ELKAI, Ealing Higashi Karate Club. I was only going to be there for a short time, so whilst they were going through training, I set up my lighting and took a few test shots. Once they'd finished training, I had literally under 2 minutes (if that) to take some shots as they needed to clear the gym ready for some people to set up the Badmington Courts.

The image I've attached is one of the 6 that I took and have edited. I'm not 100% at the point where I want to be with this technique yet but this feels like a good start and gives you an idea for what I'm working on. I'd like to have a go at this lighting technique outdoors, so fingers crossed the weather holds off and I can get out over the next few days.

Bye for now :o)


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