Sunday, 30 December 2007

The School Calendar has been printed!!!

A few weeks back I posted a message about the day I spent at Thorpe Infant School photographing the children for their 2008 Calendar. Each year the school produce a calendar and the money raised from selling them helps to buy all sorts of equipment for the children. Anyway, today, I was presented with a copy of the final printed calendar (printed by Procter & Gamble) which I must say looks fantastic. Mike Jones, a great friend of mine, and father to Laurence who is a pupil at the school, told me that they're selling really well ... which is great news!

I've attached a scan showing the front cover of the calendar, signed by my new Buddy Laurence :o)


Mickey 30 December 2007 at 23:55  

What more can I say, I was really impressed with how Glyn managed to handle almost 70 children. By the end of the day he was their 'bestest friend'.
I can't thank Glyn enough for giving up his time, in order to help my sons school out with some much needed fundraising.
Not only is he a fantastic photographer, he is truly a great friend.
The photos really captured different aspects and the kids had so much fun.
Thank you Glyn, I won't forgot what you did.
I salute you

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