Thursday, 23 August 2007

AVE IT! (just doodling .... )

There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for making up this montage. I was having a sort out of my external hard drive, taking a break from doing work for some clients, when I came across this portrait of a friend of mine Jim Simpkin, that I'd taken a few months back, and started doodling in photoshop.

The picture I came up with, in no way means that Jim's a bit of a thug (although he does quote from the film Lock, stock and two smoking barrels' quite regularly) ... I just thought the pose lent itself well to such a montage. Yeah I know ... I really must get out more :o)

For anyone interested, I used a displacement map to overlay the flag on Jim's face made from one of the RGB channels and then just masked out his eyes and added a few other items like the riot scene and text.


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