Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Heathrow Summer Ball 2007

Well Saturday was the night of the Heathrow Summer Ball, in aid of Dream Flight, and what a great night it was with loads of things going on such as live band, casino etc ... I was there taking portrait photos of attendees dressed in their best with the help of a good friend, Steve Pratley. The photos were printed on the night using a Mitsubushi Dye Sub printer hired from a company called System Insight. The printer is a superb piece of kit that churns out excellent quality prints in seconds - ideal for an event such as this. Each of the photos were displayed and sold on the night, £10 each with a percentage of the profits going to the Charity.

For those interested the set up I used for taking the photos was: 2 Rotalux softboxes (1m square and 70cm square), 2 Elinchrom D-lite 4 flash heads, and a lastolite collapsible black backdrop. To add a kick of colour onto the backdrop, I set up one Nikon SB800 flash on a stand, held on by a Justin Clamp behind the subjects being photographed, set to Remote at 1/16th power.

The photo attached is of Nick Bell, one of the event organisers, and his partner, to illustrate the portrait lighting effect.


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